November 2014
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The McDaniel Plan: A Lifesaver

From what I have gathered from my friends who go to other schools, their general education requirements seem to get them down. You have to take certain classes, and these courses seem to just get in the way of what they really want to do. Here at McDaniel, we have requirements, but they give you […]

About me! : Sam Wilson


My name is Sam Wilson and I am a new McBlogger. I wanted to tell you all a little about myself for my first blog! I am a senior from New Castle, Colorado. I do miss my family and the mountains while I am at McDaniel, but I love it here on the Hill! […]

Navigating McDaniel’s website: The Undergraduate Tab

If you’ve been busily researching colleges online, you’ve probably visited a lot of college websites. And quite frankly, some of those websites can be absolutely confusing. In the hopes of reducing any confusion you might encounter while exploring McDaniel’s website,, here’s a breakdown of some of the sections you’ll find on the website and […]

Choosing an FYS

By now, if you’re a high school senior who has committed to attending McDaniel this fall, you’re in the middle of taking a number of steps to ready you for coming to McDaniel in August. One the most important of those steps is choosing your First Year Seminar class, more commonly known as an FYS.


Gym Class

I always thought that with the end of high school I would leave gym class behind forever, but part of McDaniel’s liberal arts plan includes four half credit gym classes. At first I was wary of this requirement. I started off taking things that can only be described as easy credit. I took fitness walking, […]