April 2014
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Once Again, It’s Time to Pack

It’s that time of year again: Jan term. Last year, I stayed home and returned to campus at the end of January. This year, I’ll be on campus, practicing and attending class. That means that it’s once again time to pack…and unpack, since I haven’t done that yet, either.

Packing is something that I’ve noticed [...]

Movies on the Hill

Over the weekend, I had the chance to curl up and watch The Intouchables, a French film about the friendship formed between a wealthy quadriplegic man, Philippe,  and his Senegalese caretaker, Driss. I loved the film; it was fun, upbeat, and at times, poignant, and the characters were phenomenal.

Seeing this French film made me [...]

Your guide to Asian food in Westminster

I found that living in a suite this past year made life seem a lot like a sitcom sometimes. We always had friends over, and we ate some form of takeout or delivery at least a couple times a month. As a result, I had the chance to try three different Chinese and Asian restaurants. [...]

Surprise parties are the best parties

Today, I had the opportunity to throw a surprise party for one of my best friends on campus, and things turned out great!

Earlier in the week, my friend’s mom, who lives in Boston, called me to ask me if I could pick up a birthday cake from Starry Night Bakery in Westminster and surprise [...]

A trip to Baltimore

One of the perks of being in McDaniel’s Honors Program is the chance to go on the annual Honors field trip. This year’s trip was to Baltimore, and for only $5, I had the chance to be whisked away to the Inner Harbor on what turned out to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

I spent [...]