November 2014
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Expect the unexpected

A lot of unexpected things have been happening on campus over the past couple of weeks. On Tuesday night of last week, gastroenteritis, which came to be known on campus as the McVirus and the McPlague showed up unexpectedly. (In our college campus bubble, not many people were aware that gastroenteritis had been going around […]

Turning 21

Birthdays are always worth mentioning. My birthday was this past Monday, the 11th, but as any child will tell you, it lasts the whole week. Especially in college, when packages and cards arrive sporadically. But this time, it was extended for a different reason: Westminster’s night life. As my actual birthday was on a Monday, […]

An Unexpected Journey to Denny’s

What’s one way to reduce some of the insanity that comes along with the week before finals? Drop everything you’re doing and go to Denny’s in the middle of the night!

This evening I found myself feeling cabin-feverish and unmotivated to do even more work. So when some of my friends showed up to my […]

The Worst is Over! (For Now…)

I’m very happy that all of my midterms wrapped up yesterday! I handed in my take-home midterm for my evening class, took an in-class science midterm, also turned in an essay draft for my rhetoric class. It was definitely overwhelming that all of this had to happen in one day, but now it’s over, I […]

Local dining

Eating with friends is one of my favorite things. Whether in our dining hall or a nearby restaurant, a meal always just tastes better when I’m around my favorite people. Luckily, Westminster has a ton of family-owned dining options that are great for the college budget. Here are some of my favorites:

CUP Tea Bar […]