October 2014
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Snow on The Hill

McDaniel has been hit yet again with this bizarre Maryland weather! We have been having so much snow over the last two weeks. I cannot believe it! Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow. But I’m a fan of the fluffy and flurry type of snow, not the slushy, icy kind. Luckily, our most [...]

New McBlogger: Maria Brew

Hello everyone! My name is Maria Brew and I am a senior here on the Hill. I am very excited to be blogging for the school and sharing my experience here at McDaniel! I come from a small town called Moorestown located in South Jersey. Living in Moorestown I got the best of both worlds [...]

Birthdays on the Hill

Everyone celebrates their birthday in a different way. After all, if all birthdays were celebrated the same, it would ruin the fun. I had the privilege of having two friends with birthdays in the last few weeks. One was a little over a week ago, and some girls on the track team made a cake [...]

Summer on the Hill

There’s a lot that goes on at McDaniel during the summer, and while campus is not full of students, it’s not devoid of students either.

Many students choose to spend some of their summer at McDaniel doing scholarly research in conjunction with their professors. A lot of this research takes place in the scientific disciplines, [...]

Navigating McDaniel’s website: The Undergraduate Tab

If you’ve been busily researching colleges online, you’ve probably visited a lot of college websites. And quite frankly, some of those websites can be absolutely confusing. In the hopes of reducing any confusion you might encounter while exploring McDaniel’s website,, here’s a breakdown of some of the sections you’ll find on the website and [...]