November 2014
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The Vagina Monologues


McDaniel has a lot of really neat events for the students, such as hypnotists, magicians, and singers. Students and professors also put on a lot of really neat events, including chorus and musical concerts, plays, musicals, and talent shows. Last Friday, they put on The Vagina Monologues, a play written by Eve Ensler. […]

A great day for chocolate

Though I didn’t have a valentine this year, chocolate was here and everywhere for me this Valentine’s Day.

After I was finished class this afternoon, I went to my campus mailbox to find a lovely bar of fair-trade chocolate I had ordered for myself last week. (I also received two Valentine’s Day cards and a […]

The Vagina Monologues

Every year McDaniel presents Eve Enslor’s┬áThe Vagina Monologues.I have been a part of the production since my Freshman year and this year I had the honor of co-directing the wonderful fundraiser. The VDAY organization gives rights to the monologues every year to schools and organizations devoted to stopping the violence against women. Each year, a […]

Gala and Show: The Vagina Monologues

Saturday was a full day. As a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma, a service organization, we frequently make time to help out our sisters with their events when we can. One such event was the Vagina Monologues (a show held worldwide dedicated to ending violence against women). Two of our sisters were directing the production […]

Keeping the Fun Alive

Things tend to get hectic in the days leading up to Thanksgiving through the rest of the semester. In fact, you could say that Thanksgiving is like the eye of a storm–a calm in the middle surrounded by chaos.

Despite the fact that the end of the semester is typically a stressful time (as I’m […]