November 2014
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Helping out at Special Olympics

One of the many reasons I love McDaniel is because of all the events they put on. These events range from movies to volunteer work you can help at. This past weekend I got the pleasure of helping out at the Special Olympics.

McDaniel hosted the a basketball tournament, which were the qualification matches, for […]

Are you ready to SERRV?

At 6:50 yesterday morning, the alarm on my phone went off. Admittedly, it was difficult. This is college–I don’t get up that early on weekdays let alone on a Saturday. But I had a duty to myself, my peers, and in a small way, the global community. Seven other students from the Honors […]

Volunteering–More Fun than Work

Hi all,

In high school, I dedicated my life to JSA, the Junior State of America, which is a national student run organization for high schoolers that encourages civic education, teaches public speaking, and trains young leader. It’s divided into ten states, each with its own leadership and each with three conferences a year.

Growing and Learning: How to Spend a Winter Break

One of my favorite things about going to McDaniel is our long winter break. Although eventually I will have to do a Jan Term which is a 2-3 week class on campus or abroad that allows you to do something fun (and I am definitely looking forward to it), it is nice to be able […]

Neighbors in Need

Although playing in the snow is always a winter favorite, one of the best activities I did during the winter at McDaniel was volunteer at a program called Neighbors in Need. I was interning at the Human Services Program in Westminster at the time and I heard of this opportunity through them. They had set […]