Crazy Horse to Pine Ridge

This morning we set out early from Rapid City to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Just a short stop by Mount Rushmore, to take in the Giant Heads and a longer more detailed stop at Crazy Horse.

The complex at Crazy Horse is wonderful, there is a cultural center and museum along with a workshop that details how the Crazy Horse monument is being built. Additionally, local Native American artists were on hand selling their wares. I bought a beautiful beaded keychain from Ernest Libby, an artist from the Pine Ridge reservation. Ernest and his brother-in-law also teach Native Dancing. The center at the Crazy Horse monument is well worth a visit and highly recommended. The center is privately funded, so please visit. Every donation helps!

Afterwards we headed down the road into the heat of the Grassland and on into Pine Ridge. We arrived at the Re-member project in the afternoon and found our lodging. So far we have been here for only a few hours and have met quite a number of cool and interesting people who are all here for the week.

I am afraid that blogging might be a bit difficult this week. We have a pretty rigid schedule with the Re-member Project, but I am going to try to get at least three blogs done during the week.


Mount Rushmore


Crazy Horse

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