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Apartment Life

One of the perks of reaching seniority on campus is the housing options. While students are only required to live on campus for their first three years (unless commuting), they are guaranteed housing for all four years. Since the housing options get nicer each year, many students will chose to live on campus for their entire undergraduate career.

This year I am living in North Village, a nice, newer, apartment style complex slightly removed from the physical campus with its own quad area. North Village is typically for senior students, however, there are the occasional lucky juniors or sophomores who get to live here.

I chose to live with five other girls, so to say our apartment is always interesting would be an understatement. Since we’ve only been here a week, we are still getting into routines and trying to decorate our kitchen, living room, and hallway.

We also lucked out because five of our guy friends live in an apartment downstairs from us. This means we don’t even have to leave the building and we automatically have 11 people to hang out with. So far, we have had movie nights, video game marathons, and even a family dinner. (Of course the girls were in charge of cooking but the boys were nice enough to do the dishes after.)

I’ve had many people ask me if I’m crazy for living in a six-person apartment. But I figure this is my last year at school and when else will I be able to live with five of my best friends again?

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