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Language Requirement

At McDaniel there is a language requirement. I think this is a fabulous idea, as learning a foreign language is extremely important. I placed out of the requirement by passing a Spanish test, and this has allowed me to access the other great languages here.

First I took French. This was a very fun class and enjoyable. Now I am taking American Sign Language. It is incredibly rewarding. ASL is great here because we have graduate program that means many ASL students are on campus. There is also a lab where everyone gets and extra hour of practice each week. In the lab there are skilled signers who work with groups of students to review class material and assist in language development. Other languages, such as Spanish, have tutors that meet one hour a week with any people struggling in the class. McDaniel makes it very easy to learn new languages.

Another thing we have on campus are language houses. You can live in a house that speaks certain languages which means practice happens outside of the classroom. The houses also host events where students studying those languages can attend and practice or receive help. McDaniel has some interesting languages including Spanish, French, ASL, Chinese, Arabic and German. As far as I am aware there are houses for each of these languages.

ASL recently had an event in their language house. They served pizza (yum!) and brownies. During this time we all got together and chatted while eating delicious food. Once we finished eating people started playing videos and songs on youtube. Overall it was a fun and stress free way to continue practicing the language.

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