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Frederick Fair

I am in the honors program at McDaniel. If you are in the honors program you have access to honors housing as well as events. The group plans one event per month and this time it was a trip to a fair. The drive was a few minutes away, and all we had to do was hop in a school van (pickle) to get there. People can become certified to drive these and take up to 11 students with them in the van.

The fair was an excellent bonding experience. I was able to meet some new freshman in the honors program. We walked around and looked at rides. We also looked at a lot of different animals. It was free to get in because the McDaniel People Watching Club paid the entrance fee. A favorite part for me was the beautiful artwork entered in competitions. Some of the art was also just plain silly. I noticed a pair of shoes completely covered in candy.

The fair is just one of the fun events honors students participate in. They also take trips to visit historic places. One time the group went on a trip to Washington DC. Being in honors has several benefits, but one of the ones I most enjoy are the trips. The fair was especially interesting because I have never been a part of a group that would attend a fair such as this one. In Frederick I was able to meet farmers and those who live far away from major cities, and the culture of those at the fair was fascinating. I also enjoyed the funnel cake.

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