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Barnabas – How to Make Money

Getting a job on campus is an excellent way to get some extra spending money. Campus jobs are plentiful and not too hard, as long as you know where to look. And when you get your checks on the 10th of each month, boy is it worth it.

Last year I started working at McDaniel’s Writing Center, where we offer free writing help to any member of the college community. The Writing Center is located in Hill Hall on the first floor and is generally occupied by 2 or 3 energetic and friendly writing tutors. During work hours, we have no greater desire than to help make our friends and classmates better at writing.

I also work at the Office of Academic Affairs. My duties there include answering phones, entering survey data into spreadsheets, getting the mail, running errands, filing, sealing and stamping letters, and being the backup receptionist. I love my job there because I have been able to build a great relationship with the secretaries, Deans, and other faculty that work there. It also gives me an inside look at how colleges work – forms for adding classes and changing majors come through Academic Affairs, as do students planning fun on-campus events. Basically, working here makes me feel like I’m up to date with what’s happening around campus. Plus, sometimes the Deans buy us all bagels.

In case you are interested in getting a campus job, here are some examples of jobs my friends have:

–          Working in the dining hall (GLAR)

–          Setting up chairs for events

–          Chasing foul balls at baseball games

–          Chasing soccer balls at soccer games

–          Keeping score at basketball games

–          Catching field goals at football games

–          Being manager for the Softball team

–          Working at the Post Office

–          Working in the bookstore, the Pub, the Starbucks, or the convenience store

–          Catering fancy dinners on-campus

–          Chaperoning the game room

–          Checking out books at the library

–          Peer Mentoring the freshman

–          Being a Resident Assistant (RA)

–          Guarding computer labs

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of ways to spend money at college; finding a way to make some money can be the best decision you make.

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