September 2012
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A Busy Week

Hi again! So my Thursday and Friday, although not usually busy, became pretty busy because I had a lot of little things to take care of. I had a little retail therapy and purchased some clothing and a pair of shoes, so I had to pick those up at the Post Office. We are assigned small mail boxes for letters and magazines, but for parcels, we have to pick them up from the Post Office during their hours. They are usually open until 4pm, so I just picked the packages up before class. Then I got a response from the SASS (Student Academic Support Services) about tutoring someone for an Introduction to Religious Studies class, which I took last year. I recently emailed the student and we are going to set up an hour once a week that I can help her understand what is going on in class or with her homework. It also pays $8 per hour, so it helps to have a form of income. I had to fill out the paperwork for that and get that settled.

For my Psychology of Learning class we had a test on Thursday and I studied pretty well for it. Thankfully, my hard work paid off and I got an A on that test. It is always good to make sure that especially if you have a specific study guide that you are able to repeat the definitions or answer the questions without referencing notes or the internet or the book. If you’re just skimming words and not actually working on being able to recall them for a test, it will most likely result in a lower grade. Study guides are the best because you can record the answers and use them to recall the information as a reference. These are things that I would hope people would learn in high school, but they are often never explicitly told what would help them study for a test. I like not having homework assignments due every class and instead having a unit test after every four classes. It helps me space out the work with my other classes. Of course, for some this encourages procrastination, which is a problem in college and with the internet.

I am at home today because I decided to visit a museum, which was recommended for one of my classes. I visited the Walter’s Art Museum in Baltimore and, since it was for my Mediterranean Traditions class, wrote down information about three objects relating to ancient Egypt. It was really cool to be able to understand what I was seeing at the museum because of taking the class. I also took time to visit the other areas of the museum, such as the Medieval, Renaissance, and Asian areas. It was neat to see the Buddha statues that represent what we learned about in my Buddhism class last year too. If you can’t tell, I’m a total history nerd, but it makes these classes interesting and motivating for me. I think that’s what college students need to look for: the subject that interests and motivates them the most. That is where you find your major and not because it pays the most or is what a student’s parents want them to take. Anyways, thank you for reading once again.

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