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Scarecrows, and Raffles, and Bracelets–Oh my!

This weekend, I volunteered at Westminster’s Fall Fest, which is held every fall and raises money to benefit four local charities.  I volunteered at the Make-Your-Own-Scarecrow Tent that was operated by the Stacy Davis Breast Cancer Fund.  At the tent, which was decked out in everything pink, people could pay $10 in order to build their own scarecrow.  The coordinators from the Breast Cancer Fund also had us selling raffle tickets and jewelry so that we could help them make as much money as they possibly could.

Making a scarecrow was something I had never done before, so when I had to help the little kids make their scarecrows, it took a lot of effort.  In order to make a scarecrow, you have to shove handfuls of hay down pantyhose to create the arms.  Then, you shove the “arms” through a shirt. After that, you tie the pants legs so that they are shut, and then shove the pants legs with hay as well.  Then, you connect the shirt and the pants to finish making the body.  Each child was given a face kit so that they could decorate the faces of the scarecrow and then finish it off with a hat.

The children that were making the scarecrows had a lot of fun and thought it was really cool to see their scarecrows come together.  For me, it was a new experience that I feel like I will never forget, since it was something that I have never gotten a chance to do.  I also really enjoyed having the chance to help the little kids make their scarecrows, since I felt like I was really making their night better while also helping a great cause.

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