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This year, despite being a senior, I joined a new club. I am taking two history courses and a senior seminar, all of which require lots of writing. For this reason I joined a club called Contrast.

Every year Contrast produces a literary magazine. This is full of writings from McDaniel students (poetry, short stories and pictures as well). One can even win prize money! It is released in the spring, but in the fall when students are not working on editing the club has a very cozy feel.

Writers gather around, and the club president brings coffee and snacks. We read our writing and do fun exercises (such as writing down our favorite dream). This is great practice for myself, since I have to write often for school. This club is wonderful since it prepares me for class and makes me a better student, but it is also a great social experience and fun. I am glad that I still had the courage to join a club despite it being my last year on campus.

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