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Fitness on Campus

While the Freshman 15 can be a reality for many incoming freshmen (and continues to be a struggle for many upperclassmen) it is easy to stay fit at McDaniel.

One of the perks of being a student is a free gym membership. The fitness center is state of the art and was built to accommodate the Baltimore Ravens when they used McDaniel as their summer training camp. The gym is open everyday with very flexible, student-friendly hours. It is never more than a five minute walk from your dorm on campus. And the campus is full of friendly people who would love to be your gym partner.

The bottom floor holds free weights and weighted machines. The top floor holds a variety of cardio equipment, large flat screen TVs to keep you occupied, and an open mat area.

There are also a plethora of gym classes a student can register to take at the beginning of the semester. These classes are low-commitment (only for 1/3 of the semester) and lots of fun. You could choose to take canoeing, hip-hop dance, kickboxing, or golf to name a few options.

The campus also hosts body combat and Zumba classes for a small fee.

There are so many ways to get active and working out is a great stress reliever, so there is no reason not to work up a sweat around here!


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