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McDaniel Theatre presents Hairspray!

This evening, I went with a bunch of friends to see the famed musical Hairspray, McDaniel College Theatre’s first production of the semester. People around campus really liked last night’s opening performance, so I knew I was in for a good show tonight. It did not disappoint!

I’ll admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie version of Hairspray that came out a few years back, but seeing the show performed on the McDaniel stage was so much better! I highly enjoyed the show itself, and as a wonderful added bonus, I got to see several memorable performances–many from people I know from around campus. I was also pleased to see many people in the show who I had not previously seen in a McDaniel production before and who are not theater majors. (If you’ve ever been interested in theater, college is a great place to try it out!) And I was super impressed by some of the vocals, particularly those of the girl who played Motormouth Maybelle.

The cast and crew of Hairspray has worked hard to put this show together since practically the beginning of the semester. They’ve put in plenty of long hours and sacrifice a lot of sleep and free time in order for the show to be a success, so I was glad to see that their hard work truly paid off.

Congratulations to everyone involved in Hairspray on a fantastic and memorable performance!

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