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Local dining

Eating with friends is one of my favorite things. Whether in our dining hall or a nearby restaurant, a meal always just tastes better when I’m around my favorite people. Luckily, Westminster has a ton of family-owned dining options that are great for the college budget. Here are some of my favorites:

CUP Tea Bar and Cafe

Located on Main Street within walking distance from school, CUP offers both seasonal teas (fall flavors include Spiced Mango Chile and Swamp Water) and light fare.  During colder months, it’s awesome to pop in for a pot of tea and grilled cheese sandwich. They also make their own desserts, and after ordering five cups of tea, you get a free scone!

Classico Pizzaria

My cross country team goes here after every single meet, and we often joke that we race just for the awesome food that we get after we run. They have great appetizers such as baked macaroni and cheese bites and cheese fries as well as pizzas, pasta dishes, and subs. Also located within walking distance from campus, this restaurant has a family feel and food that makes you sad when you’ve cleaned your plate because you are already craving more.

Legends Cafe

This restaurant just moved from a freestanding location to the Town Mall, and business is going incredibly well for them due to their awesome food. While entrees can be a little more pricey than the previously mentioned establishments, there are also soup and sandwich options. Plus, the theme of pop culture legends lends to a nostalgic atmosphere. While eating, you can jam to pop songs of the 60’s while watching a classic movie on the big screen TVs. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for date nights, family dinners, or just hanging out with your friends!

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