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Midterms and All that Jazz

Hello again! This weekend I went home, but I would have preferred to stay on campus just because of the amount of homework I have to get done on Sunday. On Friday, I went to visit family in Philadelphia and on Saturday, all day, I went to a Maryland (College Park) football game. Now, don’t misunderstand, I full heartedly support our McDaniel Football team and actually wore a McDaniel shirt under my hoodie, but going to the homecoming game at Maryland is a tradition for us for three years. I ate so much food! I will be going to the gym a lot when I get back. Today is also a Ravens’ game and I thinker there is an Orioles’ game too.

So the week coming up is Midterm week, for most students (some professors assign midterms the week before and maybe the week after). I have a midterm Thursday night for my Mediterranean Traditions class and thankfully our professor gave us a Study Guide. When a professor gives you a study guide, you should definitely make sure that you study everything on it. They are the most useful things that a professor can give you for a test. I usually will write down the answers or details on notebook paper and then transfer it onto a word document, which helps to solidify the information twice. Then I will print the word document and study that and try to recite the information without the help of the answer sheet. I know I already probably mentioned this, but I thought it might be good to bring it up again because it is not only useful with any test, but it is really helpful for the midterm and final exams.

I did say that I was going to try to be involved in ACC, but unfortunately most of their meetings are on Friday nights when I go home. I do not plan on going home this often after we move, but I do go home for family and other traditions that we have. I told my parents already that I’m going to stay at school for the next weekend and spend most of my time in the library doing homework. I had this idea at the beginning of the semester to get all my homework done for the week on the weekend so I wouldn’t have to worry about it during the week, but then life happened and that didn’t really work out. It’s nice to idealize, but sometimes you have to work out a new plan when things happen.

This week, I will also be attending a lecture for a German speaker at John’s Hopkins University on Thursday, depending on whether or not we can find someone with a car. I can’t drive yet, but I don’t really feel a huge need to get one because I’ve ridden buses and the light rail when I was in high school. I also think walking is healthy, so I don’t mind walking to Safeway or Baugher’s or Heinz Bakery. Anyways, I will definitely be writing about that later in the week and I hope you enjoyed this post!

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