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Trapped on campus? No way!

McDaniel may be located in suburbia, but that certainly doesn’t mean we get stuck here. As it is Fall Break, many students either went home or embarked on short trips during our short vacation.

If you’re looking to head home during a break, the easiest way to get a ride is through the weekend shuttle service, which makes local stops at Walmart and the mall as well as longer trips to the Owings Mills Metro Station. Additionally, a shuttle is available to transport students to and from BWI Airport/BWI Amtrack station.

For those who aren’t heading home for the break, there’s a ton of options for day trips and overnight excursions. A few ideas include:

1. Backpacking

During my freshman year, I did a weekend backpacking trip with the Outdoor Club on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, and I can’t wait to try it out again. Going with the club rather than on my own was awesome because I got to use the school’s backpack rather than my own and learned what to do from people who had been a ton of times. My favorite part was standing at the middle point of the entire trail!

2. Exploring nearby cities

With Baltimore, Frederick, Annapolis and Washington, DC all within an hour’s drive from campus, it’s super easy to gather a group of friends and shop and sightsee. The McDaniel shuttle can even help you get to Baltimore for free! My personal favorite is probably downtown Frederick, which is home to some awesome antique malls and stores that specialize in everything from olive oil to loose tea to battery-free children’s toys.

3. Checking out the monuments at Gettysburg

Our campus is only 30 minutes away from the location of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, so heading up to Pennsylvania for a day to check it out is definitely worth it. Beyond the monuments, you can check out the historic town and participate in ghost tours and reenactments. What’s more, you can stop by the Gettysburg outlets on the way home to do some shopping or catch a movie!

4. Heading up to the Big Apple

This is what I’m doing tomorrow to celebrate Fall Break! Some of my housemates have never been, so we’re taking Megabus up just for the day. I haven’t been there for a few years, so I’m excited to explore with some people who are seeing it for the first time! With Megabus, tickets are cheaper the earlier you buy them, so be sure to plan your trip in advance!

No matter if you want to head home and see your family or spend a day in the city, McDaniel makes it easy to travel and is located in a great spot for checking out some awesome places.

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