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Midterm Grades Arrive

Hi! So I received my midterm grades, which people can check via archway (the main website for registering for classes, checking for requirements, and checking grades). The school does send emails to students when midterm grades have been posted and they will also email that you should talk to your advisor and parents about your grades, especially if you have concerns. Some professors will post individual grades on blackboard occasionally, so if you want to check specific grades or check the grade before it gets posted on archway, you can do that. Some professors do not post them and if you are concerned, then you should speak with that professor. I made plans to have dinner with my parents last night and I talked to them about not just my grades, but about how school was progressing. It helps to talk to your parents sometimes when you get stressed out, plus a nice dinner at Baugher’s! I think I’ve eaten there three times this week. It’s definitely worth it, despites my attempts at dieting.

This weekend I’m going to Fall Conference with Intervarsity and I’ll probably write some about that. Then the weekend after is the weekend I’m finally moving into the new. The weekend after that, I’ll actually get to stay on campus! I’m really excited to just have time during the weekend on campus. I miss my roommate, although I’m not sure how much she misses me.

The week has been a sleep deprivation week for me, but I’m not one of those people that can pull all-nighters. I personally feel, as a psychology major, that all-nighters are really unhealthy. Sometimes you do need to do them, but if you can learn how to manage your time, which is really valuable in college in general, then you’ll be fine. It throws off a person’s sleep schedule and deprives them of something that their body needs. Education is important in college, but people should not be pushing themselves to extreme. It is a common thing for college students, but that makes it sound like it is okay and a perfectly normal to do, which is not good. This is something I feel strongly about because you see students drained of energy, which does not make college seem like a good choice to people. The movie Accepted draws on this idea of students straining themselves to be perfect, but perfection does not exist even though the school expects it of them. The movie is a comedy, but it does emphasize the fact that not everyone is the same and college should not be so unhealthy.

Thank you for reading again!

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