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Midterm Grades…Dun Dun Dun

Midterms is always the week were everyone instantly forgets everything they have learned so far in the semester. It’s like when you see a car coming at you and you just freeze up and forget what you are supposed to do. But what is worse that getting hit by a car? Getting hit by a bus. And that bus would have to be Midterm grades. It is never fun to be hitting refresh on your computer a million times waiting for your grades to show up. Most teachers are nice enough to send you an e-mail to warn you that grades have been posted. The longest ten seconds of my life are when I have clicked the “ok” button and am waiting for my grades to show up. I always have an idea of what I’m going to get and then a million different scenarios run through my head. Did I forget to turn in a paper? Have I missed too many classes? Have I participated in class enough? How much is that bad test grade going to affect my score?
When my grades finally appear my first reaction is usually, “how did that happen?!” Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. Either way, I always ask myself how. This semester, after all the stressing over last week, I found myself pleased with more of my grades than disappointed with them. This was a comforting feeling because it makes me feel like I really have a grip on the material I am learning in these classes. There was one class that worried me a little. The grade what lower than I had expected so I immediately contacted my professor to ask for help. She comforted me and told me it wasn’t the most accurate score because of the way the assignments are falling this semester. This made me feel better about it and I feel like I am capable of getting the grade I think I deserve in that class by the end of the semester.
Professors are super helpful when grades come out. They are the best person to talk to if you have struggling in a class because they are the ones who understand better than anyone if you are really understanding the concepts and putting forth the amount of work needed to get a good grade. They want to see their students succeed so they will help you in any way they have to, to make sure thahappens. The professors at McDaniel are 100% more helpful than the ones I had at my high school. This is very important because in college you aren’t just going to class to get good grades but you are going to class to learn the skills you will need in the real world in order to be a successful adult.

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