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Tailgating: McDaniel Style

I woke up on Saturday and was very excited because I knew exactly what the day entailed: food, friends, family, and football.  My parents decided that since I am a senior, they should  take advantage of tailgating at McDaniel before I graduate.  They have been here once before, but since it was over a break, there weren’t a lot of people on campus to stop by.  This time was completely different, since a lot of people stopped by and hung around our tent for a while, including our President, Dr. Casey, and his wife, Robyn!

I knew my parents were coming prepared with lots of food, snacks, and drinks.  However, I didn’t expect everything that they brought.  My mom decided that she would bring her pink tent (she uses it for her business), so that everyone would be able to find us easily.  We tailgated in style under the pink tent with chairs and blankets as well.  They also brought a South Jersey staple: Philly soft pretzels!  It was like having a taste of home, because nobody makes soft pretzels like people from Philly do!  Also on our table overflowing with food: two different two-foot long hoagies, three bags of chips, and all of the necessary condiments.  Not to mention, we had a cooler full of different drinks that we could enjoy throughout the game.

The whole experience was such a blast.  Not only was it a gorgeous day outside, but it was a lot of fun to hang out with my friends and family while watching the Green Terror play.  We ended up getting a spot next to another family from New Jersey and my dad made friends with all of the people around us.  There was even a puppy to play with at the tent next to ours!  The entire time was full of laughs, good food, and of course, entertainment from the football game.  While it was an exciting game, it was not a pretty ending.  McDaniel had done very well throughout the entire game and Dickenson tied the game at the very end of the 4th quarter and then ended up winning during overtime.  Regardless of the score of the game, tailgating at McDaniel is still a fantastic experience that everyone should take part in during their four years here.  Go Green Terror!

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