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Fundraising at it’s Finest!

This week, we had a fundraiser for the 10th Anniversary of The Vagina Monologues.  The show is done as a fundraiser itself, since all of the profits are donated: 10% goes to V-Day, 45% goes to Rape Crisis Intervention Services of Carroll County, and 45% goes to Family and Children’s Services of Central Maryland.  As the co-director of this year’s production, it is my responsibility, along with my co-director, Whitney, to come up with fundraising ideas that will help us fund the cost of the show.  We decided that in addition to doing the traditional raffle that is done every year, we would do a “Pie in the Face” fundraiser.  We gathered six administrators on campus that would be willing to get pied in the face.  We asked students, faculty, and staff to donate to whoever they would like to see get pied in the face. The person who raises the most amount of money will get a pie in the face, and the person who raises the second most amount of money will get a cupcake in the face.  We will be pieing the winners in the face on Tuesday!

As we were sitting outside Glar (the dining hall) asking people for donations, people were laughing like crazy.  Some people also responded with “That’s mean…” but once we reassured them that it was for charity and that everyone agreed, they donated!  Between the raffle and the money we collected for the pieing in the face, we raised enough money to cover some of the t-shirt costs for the show! Whitney and I were very proud of our fundraiser and the amount of money we raised!  Not only did we raise money, it got the word out about Vagina Monologues, which was really our main goal.  We’re so excited to put on this show in February and make all of the past directors proud!

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