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Prep for Sandy’s Arrival

Instead of freaking out about this storm, my apartment kept calm and prepared as best we could. Since we live with an RA we didn’t have to worry about having enough toilet paper or trash bags which was nice. We made sure to stock our pantry and¬†refrigerator. We have flashlights and lanterns at the ready just in case the power goes out. We are prepared for anything. The Weather Channel is on almost constantly in the living room with updates running across the screen very frequently. I made sure that anything I needed to do around campus before next Wednesday was finished today.

As much as I am not looking forward to the large storm headed towards us, I don’t think Westminster will be hit too badly. The way the storm is headed now, it looks like it will barely hit our campus. Hopefully everything goes well this weekend with the storm fast approaching. I even made sure to cook a decent amount of food tonight just in case I am unable to cook in the next few days. Tonight, we are having a few friends over for dinner so that we see just a few more people other than our apartment before we all get¬†isolated in our apartments. Usually I get scared during storms and freak out, hopefully because of the preparations I’ve made, that won’t happen.

As of right now, the storm is supposed to hit Sunday night in Maryland. No school Monday? That would be wonderful. At least this storm is a good excuse to sit down and catch up on some things and get a little ahead in school work. It’ll make the next few weeks a lot easier if I can just take a few hours stuck in my apartment to work on stuff for school that I have been avoiding because the due date is still a few weeks away. Our fingers are crossed that this storm is not “the storm of the century” that every news station is telling us to expect.

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