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Sandy, How We Love Thee

Hurricane Sandy was awesome. She raged for 2 days, dropping lots of rain and blowing lots of wind, but she really didn’t cause any lasting damage here at McDaniel. So basically we got 2 days off from school todo whatever we wanted! She was basically Maryland’s version of a snow day, which of course is the greatest thing ever.

I played a lot of indoor soccer, and some indoor kickball. I watched a bunch of movies (The Two Towers, Omega Man, The Half Blood Prince, Sex Drive, and Get Him to the Greek), and a few TV shows. I’ve also passed the time by hacking my friends Facebook profiles and giving them stupid statuses. I know, I know, it’s immature, but sometimes dumb fun is the best fun.

Fortunately, the school was well prepared for the storm. GLAR was stocked above normal levels, so there was plenty of food for everyone. Today they even had sushi! There was also a special Halloween themed dessert table, with orange frosted cookies and rice crispy treats embedded with candy corn. As far as I know, no buildings on campus lost electricity, nobody got hurt, and nobody had to go to class!

Tomorrow we have to go back to classes. Nobody is particularly happy about that, but we will forever cherish the wonderful memories Sandy brought us.

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