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Tips From a Tour Guide: Another Tour Guide’s Point of View

Tips from a Tour Guide

This week, instead of hearing a tip from me, I figured it might be helpful to hear from another tour guide.  Periodically, I’ll introduce you to another tour guide so that they can give you your prospective on McDaniel as well! I interviewed my fellow tour guide, Whitney, to give you a different point of view.

Here’s a Tip from Whitney Walker!

Year: Junior

Hometown: Cumberland, Maryland

Major/Minor: English Major with a Writing Minor

How long have you been a Tour Guide?:  Just over a year.

What is your favorite thing about being a Tour Guide?:  Getting to know all the perspective students and their families. I especially love when a student is excited to be on campus as I always am.

What else are you involved in on campus?:  I’m in the service sorority, write blogs for Admissions, work in the English office and am a peer mentor for the First Year Program.

What’s your favorite building to talk about and why?:  Hill Hall because that is where I spend the majority of my time. Also, I love talking about study abroad and Jan Term options because that is what first interested me in McDaniel when I took my tour.

Where’s your favorite place to study on campus?: During the warm months, I love sitting in Red Square to study. When it’s colder, I like hanging out in Casey’s Corner to work on school work because there’s always coffee nearby.

What is your favorite resource on campus?:  The Writing Center is my favorite resource because I write what seems like a million papers a semester and sometimes I just can’t make my words mean what my mind is thinking and they are always there to help.

What is your tip for someone coming on a tour of McDaniel?:  When going to any college, show enthusiasm. Don’t be intimidated. The students are closer in age to you than you think so don’t be afraid to get to know them and talk to them like you talk to your friends. It could help you learn a lot about the personalities of the different schools.



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