November 2012
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So, today was the homecoming football game and while it was certainly rather chilly I had a lot of fun there with Phil and Lisa. We ran into a bunch of our friends and got to say hello as they went about their days. There were also tents and cars all over and the atmosphere was pleasant as the game was waiting to begin. Before the game, they announced a bunch of different things and did acknowledgments. For instance, they thanked the athletic sponsors and also did senior recognition for the Dance Team, the Cheerleaders, and the Football Team with their parents and them walking across the field. They also announced the winners for the best floats in the homecoming parade. For student groups, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Phi Sigma Alpha, and Phi Sigma Sigma received the top three places. The best alumni float was given to the “Crab Guys,” and they had a person with a crab costume and an old bay costume on their float. The winners for the homecoming court from each class and the king and queen were also announced and walked across the field to be acknowledged.

Susquehanna started off with the ball in the 1st quarter, but they were quickly shut down. On McDaniel’s first possession of the game, the second down, they managed to score a touchdown and take the lead. At another point, Joe Rollins made a 71 yard run that resulted in a first down and the longest run of the year to date. At the end of the first quarter the game was tied 7-7, as Susquehanna managed to score in the last 1:30 in the quarter. Over the next quarter, McDaniel scored two touchdowns and Susquehanna only managed to score one ending the half with a score of 19-14. At half time, Jasmine McCormick performed the alma mater on her saxophone and did a really nice job and the dedication of Kenneth R. Gill Stadium commenced. They talked about the individual donors and also Kenneth Gill himself and his family. The family and friends all head a large tent on the side of the stadium and they seemed to be having a really good time. The game resumed after half time and Susquehanna made a comeback scoring 16 points to 13 scored by McDaniel. The final score was 42 to 38 with Susquehanna winning the game. Nevertheless, people seemed to have a good time at the game and in my opinion, that is much more important.

Tonight, the anime club is having their horror movie night, which started at 7:00pm and we are watching two different anime horror movies. I am actually writing this as I am sitting in the back because I wanted to get all my thoughts about the game down before I forgot. We decided to watch First Squad and Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust. The first movie was kind of slow but I enjoyed it, although I will say it would not have been my first choice. Vampire Hunter D is not quite over yet, but I have enjoyed it so far and the movie itself is pretty good. After the movie night is over, myself and several friends such as Adrian, Phil, Dan, and Lisa plan to watch other movies and relax until late to enjoy our Saturday night. I cannot wait to see what we decide to watch because we all have very different tastes in movies, but it always ends up being interesting.

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