November 2012
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Aerotek extern day

This week I had the opportunity to learn about the marketing department  of Aerotek, a staffing company. I was invited through the English department, but there were also students from the Business and Accounting departments present.

We headed to their office in Hanover, MD and were greeted by the Internal Recuiter, who stayed with us throughout the day as we toured the building and listened to presentations from representatives of various departments.

Two things really struck me about the company: the large number of McDaniel graduates who now work there and the family-owned feel. Some of our presenters began their talk with describing what McDaniel was like when they attended and it was still called Western Maryland. Additionally, we had the opportunity to have lunch with alumni who now work at the company. It was heartening to see graduates in a successful business atmosphere.

We also learned about how Aerotek believes in organic growth, meaning that a lot of executives begin in entry level positions and are promoted over time. Most of the people we talked to had began at the company right out of college and had people reporting to them within a year.

Additionally, we got a chance to speak to the CEO and CFO of the company, which I  thought was pretty indicative of how much the company cares about forming relationships with future and current employees.

The externship day gave me a chance to learn about how business functions and marketing as a career field, which I hadn’t given much thought to in the past. I think that this is one of the greatest aspects of college: the ability to learn, to experiment, and to explore new opportunities.

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