November 2012
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Going North Instead of West

Everyone is talking about going home for Thanksgiving. This year, I’m not going home. I’m going relative hopping. While I’m excited to see both sides of my family, it is upsetting that I won’t be going home until the end of the semester. Not only does that mean I have to actually do laundry, but it also means I don’t get to see my best friend till then. Thank God for technology. I would miss my bestie even more if it weren’t for Facebook and Skype. In my Rhetoric class we have been reading articles about how Facebook is ruining relationships and I can’t help but think how much it has helped me stay in contact with my friends back home. Sure, I don’t talk to every single one of my Facebook friends, but it is helpful when I want to contact one of my close friends, or even my mom while I’m at school. Sometimes Facebook is the only way I have to connect with my mom because of our busy schedules. She Facebook chatted me last night to let me know the plans for this break had changed even.

I’m glad I still get to spend time with her over break. I am excited to see almost my whole family. My mom’s side of the family always gathers in Baltimore so that is our first stop and then on Thanksgiving my mom and I will head north to see the other side of the family and eat till we pass out from food comas. I love Thanksgiving dinner with that group. The food is always to die for and I always eat way too much. Being off campus for a few days will be nice too. I love living here and seeing my friends all the time but with all the stress of the semester, we all need a break from each other.

The holidays always come at a perfect time for college students. We’ve just run out of laundry, we’re stressed from the semester and the food we cook in our apartments or get from the dining hall just doesn’t compare to a home cooked meal. It’s nice to be able to see my mom too. We don’t get to talk on the phone much throughout the semester because we both get way too busy so it’s nice to be able to spend a few days with her. Even though I’m not going home and I won’t get to see my bestie or my kitties, I am excited about seeing family members that I don’t see very often. I am also very excited about my aunt’s pumpkin pie and my favorite homemade bread that is a family recipe passed down through the generations. Now I’m hungry. I think a midnight snack is in my future.

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