November 2012
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The End of A Break

Breaks while you’re at college are like a breath of fresh air, and most importantly- a chance to sleep! But all breaks must come to an end- and here’s a typical run-down of your last day before classes resume:

1. Wake-up, somewhat nostalgic that this is the last morning you get to wake up in your bedroom. That is, before you remember that your bed at school is far more comfy with its extra mattress pads and fuzzy body pillow.

2. Enjoy having an actual kitchen- the kind that actually has food and utensils in it.

3. Panic, as you realize that you have a million things to do before you go back to school and before class tomorrow morning.

-Proceed to finish that laundry you meant to do earlier

-Beg your parents to help you run errands (Target and the grocery store most likely)

-Frantically look through your planner and syllabi (yes, that is the plural of syllabus) in an effort to see if you got everything done, realize you probably haven’t and PANIC! Or, you simply start doing it with the full knowledge it will be a late night

4. Remember you should be enjoying your last few moments of home and freedom before finals consume your life.

-Go read a book, play video games with your brother and have some left-over pumpkin pie

5. PANIC: Realize you just wasted valuable time when you could have been doing more work. And so go do more work.

6. Pack your possessions that magically scattered themselves around your house

7. Put things in your car and feel like every time you come back to campus, you bring more stuff.

8. Drive back to campus, singing along loudly to music in the car

9. Arrive in Westminster, discover you do still have your apartment key, and proceed to unpack way more stuff than you thought you brought…

10. Done putting away clean laundry (which was done in an attempt to procrastinate on starting your homework), it’s finally time to keep going on that homework!

Don’t panic too much – everybody else on a college campus is probably doing the exact same thing. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in my situation where you discover that 6-page paper you thought was due tomorrow is actually due Wednesday! And so ends yet another break- a big gulp of air before the plunge into end of the year exams, papers and presentations. Thank goodness for breaks!

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