December 2012
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Fall Fest

So, on Thursday, the school held a fall fest in the evening in Ensor Lounge – a common event space on campus. There were staff members from a lot of the different there who were helping out and it was really crowded when I arrived about 20 minutes after it opened. There were all kinds of different things going on – I was actually impressed by the number of events they were able to hold in the space they had. The students I saw all seemed to be having a really great time and it was definitely a good event.

One of the best things about it was that there were all kinds of free snack foods. They had a popcorn machine, cotton candy, caramel apples, and more. They also had “MockTails” for students to drink based on actual cocktail drinks that people can by. No alcohol, of course, but the drinks were really good. There was also a pie eating contest for people to watch and participate in if they wanted to. One of my friends, Adrian, was a part of it and his face was covered in whipped cream.

There were also a lot of small events to take part in. There was an apples to apples game, there was a ball toss that you could win a free goldfish, and more. There was also a station to make friendship bracelets, holiday ornaments, and much more. There were also raffles for gift cards and also a nook at 8:00. The event as a whole was a lot of fun and I definitely hope the school does something like it again.

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