December 2012
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A little networking

I’ve found that it’s possible meet some pretty interesting people with just a little talking. While your parents might have told you not to talk to strangers when you were a kid, it actually doesn’t hurt to talk to some of the people you encounter once you’re in college. You’ll never know when you’ll meet someone with similar interests or someone you have common experiences with. These are the types of connections that can help you get a job!–It’s called networking.

Though I didn’t get any new jobs this weekend, I did meet a couple of interesting people. The first was a waiter I met at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant. He struck up a conversation with my table and me, and we found out that he works as a blogger for his main job at an entertainment site called, which earns him a lot of neat stuff for free, like movie posters and merchandise. Excited, my mom told him that I like to blog and write reviews and that I write for you guys here on Stories from the Hill before I had a chance to tell him myself. Impressed nonetheless, he asked me if I would be interested in writing about anime for his site. Unfortunately, anime’s not really my thing, but it’s cool to think that an entertainment site would be interested in my writing!

The second person I met was a little less interesting than the blogger but she shared with me a connection to McDaniel. I met this woman on a bus to New York City, and when she found out that I go to McDaniel, she got really excited! Apparently, her father went to McDaniel when it was known as Western Maryland College, and since a number of her high school friends went to WMC, she visited campus often. She and I both share a love for Baugher’s, a local restaurant in Westminster. Sometimes, it’s easy to think that McDaniel’s small, but I realize that the size of its student body doesn’t limit the number of people who have connections to the College. There’s more than you might think!

So don’t be afraid to converse with the people you meet. You’re bound to meet some interesting people and make some great connections!

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