January 2013
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2013…It’s Gonna Be Big

2013 could possibly be the biggest year of my life so far.

The Plan:

1) Survive Spring 2013: I am taking 5 classes, doing at least one internship, and still working my three jobs on campus. I’ll definitely have a lot to write about on here. I must also remember to take internship appropriate clothes back to school along with my jeans and tee shirts I wear to class all the time. My closet might just explode.

2) Help my Senior Friends Survive the Final Countdown to the “G” Word: Being that I am the only Junior living in an apartment full of Seniors, I am sure to become the strong person when they need a shoulder to cry on. I’ll be there to cheer them on for every interview and every “last” before graduation creeps up. I’ve become so attached to this entire Senior class that I have no idea what I will do on campus without them. Oh right! I won;t be on campus in the Fall (at least that is the plan). Which brings me to #3…

3) Go to the Disney College Program Fall 2013: Final interviews and applications are due in February and once those are submitted I sit back and wait for the coveted purple CP folder to arrive. Then in March, I’ll be going on character auditions (fingers crossed I look enough like Cinderella or any of the princesses!). I’ll make sure to write all about my experiences getting into, getting ready for, and going to the Disney College Program in Walt Disney World. My heart is already pounding with a mixture of excitement and nerves! Moving to Florida for five months may just be the craziest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s worth it to work for the company of my dreams.

This year I celebrated the new year by getting on a plane to go to Orlando for vacation, next year, if all goes as planned, I’ll be spending the new year with thousands of tourists making dreams come true in the happiest place on Earth. Who wouldn’t want that job?!

To infinity and beyond!

Now I want to watch Toy Story!

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