February 2013
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Make Your Own Fun

Admittedly sometimes Westminster Maryland gets boring. I get bored. I am excited to start the 100 day countdown to leave this place. Sometimes, though, I forget that there are plenty of ways to have a good time. Yesterday I was reminded of some.

One of the ways I had forgotten about was making your own adventure. On Friday night I went out to DC and saw a jazz concert. It was even cooler than just a jazz concert because it was in a room designed to look like a cave. Wild! You don’t even have to go to DC. I was listening to my friend telling a story about breaking into a bar (not that I am suggesting this is a good idea) but there are plenty of adventures to be had even in Westminster.

The other thing I forgot about was utilizing things on campus. This weekend my friends got a smart box key (which you can borrow for free to use the large classroom screens) so that we could play a video in a classroom for my friend. We threw her a surprise birthday party. Everyone jumped up and screamed happy birthday and then we had cake and snacks. During that party I realized I had never been to a surprise birthday party before, so now I can cross that off of my bucket list.

In conclusion, senior year does get suffocating. Everyone is itching to leave this place, but there are ways to find distraction. There are fun things to do, even on campus, and even in Westminster. Plus now I have some fantastic ideas for my birthday party.

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