February 2013
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What Is Love?

So this past week was Valentine’s Day, and this Saturday my cousin was married. This got me thinking a lot about love, especially because my class assigned a reading about monogamy. Many creatures are not monogamous, because it is a disadvantage, but love and monogamy are not at all the same thing. This week I was contemplating all the love I see at this school.

There’s romantic love. I am not ready to get married at all, but some people here are ready. I have a few friends who are engaged, and one couple is planning their wedding for this June. It seems so soon, but college is a great place to meet a partner. I guess I will have to keep searching after school.

There’s also friendship love. I have grown to care about all of my friends here on campus. Last night people were screaming outside. I looked out the window and it seemed there was a mob of about twenty screaming college students yelling. Hate and anger is another form of love, and I realized that those people yelling outside also found people they cared about at McDaniel (even if at that moment it may not have been fun).

All in all I have come to love this school, and sometimes hate it. Even my hate is a form of love. After all as my teacher pointed out, the opposite of love is indifferent, and I am not at all indifferent about McDaniel or the friends I have made here.

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