February 2013
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Free Press event

On Tuesday night the Free Press, our student newspaper, held a recruitment event complete with hot chocolate and s’mores. The goal was to talk to some new people about writing for us and to get ideas for upcoming stories. The event was right before our regular meeting time, so we even gained a few new faces and maybe some new content!

Besides talking about our organization, visitors were able to participate in helping us develop “McDaniel’s Choice,” a new project we are launching in order to showcase the best businesses in the area and our favorite things about McDaniel. We had created categories like “Best Pizza Place” and “Favorite Themed Night in Glar” and let fellow students write in ideas for contenders in each category. We’ll take this data and it narrow it down so that a few options are in each category. Finally, we’ll pick a winner by letting students vote on a survey that we’ll send via email. I’ll post more about McDaniel’s Choice as the semester goes on.

For me, the best part of the night was the chance to chat with some current and prospective writers about story ideas and what they would like to see in the Free Press. Events like these that drag me from my regular routine remind me how many cool people are on campus and how many ideas are circulating among us. The Free Press allows us to be collectively creative and expressive while also providing useful information to the campus. Though I’ve been involved with our newspaper throughout my three years at McDaniel, our event reminded me of the necessary function the Free Press performs on campus and how much potential and power there is in writing for a newspaper.

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