February 2013
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Table Sitting

One of the ways to promote a club or campus event on campus is to have a table in Decker. Decker is the heart of the college, the center that every student walks through whether it be a short cut to class, on the way to getting a meal at one of three dining options, or picking up their mail. Along the halls there are tables stationed to give out information about events or promote awareness for certain clubs or activities. So how do people get attracted to a table?

One key in attraction is handing out things for free. The free candy has always been popular with students to entice them to visit your table, but also is overdone. For a campus group I am promoting, Global Initiatives, we wanted to be creative in getting people to come to our table. So what did we do?

We did three things. The first was free candy, and the second free pens. While the free thing was great our club schemed up an idea of having something interactive. This idea turned out to be buttons! Global Initiatives is allowing students to create and design their own button, which we will then deliver to them. It turns out students love the idea of creating something for themselves, especially because there are stickers involved. Almost every college student loves a good blast from the past, and stickers are a great reminder of the blissful innocent days of our youth. The table sitting has also become a lot more fun now that it has some variety.

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