February 2013
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A Professional Student

Anyone will tell you not to wear jeans to a job interview. Anyone will give you tips on how to write the best resume. But what most people differ on is the personality and attitude to enter an interview with. I always try to stay as positive as possible. I greet my interviewer as if they are an equal and a superior all in one. I make sure to give them a nice handshake and keep the focus of the interview on what skills I have that are important to the job. Luckily, I have had many of these opportunities. I have had lots of chances to interview for jobs and internships. Many of which I have gotten and others have slid right past me. Either way, I always learn something from the experience.

Even though I hate to admit it, I know I have to grow up and be an adult more often than I like to. More than half of my closet now holds clothes that can double as professional and casual attire. Dress pants and appropriate skirts dangle from one side while my nice shirts and sweaters sway from side to side each morning I search through them looking for a cute and professional outfit. Then there are the shoes…there must be specific outfits for specific pairs of shoes. The floor of my closet this year is carpeted with various flats and heels that are comfortable enough to walk around in for hours at a time and appropriate for the workplace. Of course, I still have my Mickey sneakers that I wear on the weekends.

As much as I love to sleep in as a college kid (with all those late nights writing papers), I end up loosing more sleep because it takes even more time to get ready in the mornings. But all the fuss and lost sleep will be worth it in the end. All the experience I am gaining from my two internships this semester and all the summer jobs I have worked will help me get to my big professional goals.

Having the CEO (Center for Experience and Opportunity) has been a huge help as well. They have been great about giving feedback on resumes and getting the students of McDaniel into internships and part time jobs that will actually look amazing on their resumes. It is thanks to them that I am interning with the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. With them, I am helping two other students create a relocation guide for people moving into the county. It was intended for English and Writing focused people. Perfect for me. I have spent time doing research on the county and it’s towns and cities, writing promotional material for each place and thing to do in the county, and creating a professional brochure for the Chamber to use as a template for years to come. These experiences have shown me the ins and outs of working with small companies and I feel that because of that I will have an easier time adjusting to working for one of the largest companies in the world come August.

The countdown continues, exactly 6 months, I will be working for the impeccable Walt Disney Company!

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