March 2013
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So, next week is the last week of classes before spring break. There is a lot going on during this week, but the most important and sometimes the scariest part of the week is midterms. There are various different types of midterms that I have gotten at McDaniel over the last 6 semesters. Essays, multiple choice, and take home midterms. Now, there is no surprise that the take home midterms are definitely my favorite, but otherwise I actually prefer essays to multiple choice. That is primarily because with multiple choice I spend far too much time second guessing myself.

This year, I have several midterms. My Global Environmental Politics midterm is on Tuesday and according to our professor it will have a variety of multiple choice, identification, short answers, and essays. My Foreign Policy midterm is a take home exam and it is due on Wednesday. We have two essay questions to answer in 3-4 typed pages each. I do have one mid-term that is slightly worrisome to me. I have never taken any art history classes before this semester, but I am currently in Religion and Art in Egypt. The essays do not worry me at all, but I am not sure how to study for the identifying pictures and talking about that particular piece. I emailed the professor asking for a bit of direction, so I am hoping to hear back from her soon.

Overall, I am not too worried about my midterms. I am going to study a good bit over the next couple days and I plan to do well. A lot of my friends have a similar workload to me with midterms, so a few of us are having a study party tomorrow night as we begin the major part of our midterm preparation. Tonight, however, I am de-stressing and not worrying about homework for a while so that I can start midterms week fresh and well rested. I am playing guild wars, catching up with some friends from home, and just generally taking the night to breathe.

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