March 2013
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Midterm Week

It’s that unavoidable point in the semester that every student dreads: midterms. Of course they come right before spring break, looming over your head as you’re busy thinking about the beach you’ll be laying on at that time next week.

I always get lucky and usually have a mixture of tests, papers, or projects, making my midterms week something I can begin to tackle earlier. This year I have a paper due for my Native American art class and a test in my Communication class. The paper is just a regular response paper that we have due every other week and this one happens to land during midterms. I just hope I don’t get so caught up in studying that I end up rushing to complete the paper. I should probably start that before Wednesday night…

The test I am not looking forward to because it is one of two test grades for the class, meaning it is a significant portion of my grade. Doing well on the midterm would take the stress off a bit come finals week. The good thing is we have already had two mini vocabulary quizzes which means I am not beginning my studying knowing nothing. That class will be my only one on Wednesday, so I should find it easy to study in the morning before it’s time to take the test at 2:40.

I’ve just got to keep my eye on the prize – Florida in week!

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