March 2013
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Spring Break

So, yesterday began Spring Break and for a lot of people that meant cleaning and packing for a nice, relaxing 10 days at home. I am actually staying on campus for the break because I have some work to do for the Admission’s office, but I am still going to get a lot of time to relax as well. I went home for the weekend today, however, which was quite an adventure. My boyfriend had all kinds of car trouble as we were preparing to leave and another friend ended up driving us to my house in PA after Phil’s car had to be towed to a shop. I spent the evening catching up with my mom and step dad and getting some stuff together to take back to school.

I really enjoy Spring Break because it is a good chance to de-stress after midterms and even with work and homework I should have a lot of free time over the next few days. One of my best friends is also going to be on campus, as Maine is a little far to drive for a week off. He and I already plan to watch lots of movies when he is done his work in the Art Studio each day and just catch up some since this semester has been very busy for us both. He is selling his work at the convention on the 30th, however, so he does have an awful lot of work to do before he’ll have time to relax each day.

Phil is going to be heading to his house tomorrow and my friend Lisa is driving me back to campus. I start work on Monday morning and will work Monday to Friday in the Admission’s office. I am looking forward to it because I enjoy working there and the extra cash will be greatly appreciated. I also can’t wait to see what I can get up to each day after I get off work at Admission’s at 4pm. Most of the campus is closed, but it will be a chance to catch up on shows, read, and just relax for the first time in a while.

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