March 2013
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Early Spring Snow Day

So, it was really pretty outside today; however, not with the beginnings of Spring as everyone might have expected on our first day back from Spring Break. We got a lovely snowfall throughout the day and the campus was really pretty. I went outside a few different times during the day just to enjoy the snow, especially since I know my chance for snow for a while will probably become limited soon. Nevertheless, on our first day back to classes from Spring Break, we ended up with a very nice snow day. Plus, there were a bunch of snowmen scattered around campus and lots of signs that I am not the only one who enjoyed one last chance to get a nice snowfall before we welcome spring. It is also just really pretty when the campus is covered in shiny white snow.

During the day to day, I worked on some of my homework that is due later in the week since I know how busy I am going to be with the con coming this weekend. I also have a few smaller papers coming due in the near future that I wanted to get a jump on. I did, however, also spend a large chunk of time just chilling with friends, enjoying the snow, and relaxing – what are snow days for after all. We played guild wars, watched a movie, and just chilled after dinner and normally we do not have time for that during the week.

It was a really nice day and a great chance to just enjoy being back on campus before classes will resume tomorrow morning.I will be glad to get back to classes though, I am really excited for the convention and keeping myself busy will help everything leading up to the convention go more quickly. Also, it will be nice not to worry about midterms anymore and to move into the steady flow that the second half of the semester normally takes.


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