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Time to Sleep

So, the nicest thing about the last few days was the with the con past I was able to get a lot of sleep and rest. I enjoyed the con and con planning a lot, but I don’t think it hit me right away how tired I was. My favorite part of the convention was probably cosplay chess first thing in the morning. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet new people right at the start of my day. Plus, in chess with people as the pieces, it is always funny to see how people react to their piece being taken. For example, Phil, the other teams king, went down in a slow, painful pretend death. I had a bunch of different people taking pictures at the con, and also took a lot of pictures myself.

This is a picture of the king of the other team in cosplay chess.



I also really enjoyed shopping in the marketplace. There was a lot of different art and merchandise to see. Plus, the people who were selling their wares were definitely characters. We had some in cosplay, some who were not, but they all definitely had their own style. Plus, it was really fun to see what the McDaniel students had to offer to the marketplace as well. The cafe was probably my favorite shop, but that is mostly just because I love Ramune (Japanese soda).

IMG_7739 IMG_7755 IMG_7738 IMG_7733 IMG_7732 IMG_7660 IMG_7658

The event as a whole was very successful and I cannot wait for next years continuation of this annual event.

IMG_7693 IMG_8059 IMG_7973 IMG_7959 IMG_7864 IMG_7741 IMG_7734

Classes today were a lot of fun, but I was definitely tired since I was up late doing homework. Since spring break recently ended, a lot of papers and presentations are coming due and I had two of those today. I had my presentation for my International Law class and a paper in foreign policy. I got them both done with plenty of time, but I was nervous for my presentation because I know sometimes I talk to fast, especially when I am tired. However, it went well and the other students had some really good questions to ask.



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