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Let’s Go Orioles!

One great thing about McDaniel is its close proximity to Baltimore. It is fairly easy for students to take advantage of the city and have a good time during the weeknights and weekends. Last night, for instance, I went to an Orioles game with a group of guys from my tennis team, which is a pretty popular thing for McDaniel students to do.

If you go on the right nights you can get really cheap tickets! Last night was only $10, pretty affordable for college students. We drove into the city, but if you do not have a car you can use McDaniel’s transportation system called the Pickle (big green shuttle van) to get to the Owings Mills metro station, which will take you right into the city.

If you are 21 you can get to city early and hang out a popular bar right outside of the baseball stadium called Pickles Pub (not to be confused with McDaniel’s transportation system). You can enjoy talking with friends and meeting new people while staying refreshed with Baltimore’s proudly brewed beer National Bohemian Beer!

The O’s games attract a large crowd so you always feel like you are at the right place when you first walk into Camden Yards. Last night was a particularly exciting night since the Tampa Bay Rays and the Orioles were tied at 6 and needed to go into an extra inning. The Orioles had the bases loaded when they hit a home run and made the fans go crazy!!! It could not have been a better ending. My friends and I even made it on the JumboTron and had our three seconds of fame!

Half of my group made their way back to McDaniel while the rest of us stayed behind and celebrated at the bars, which are always a great time especially when the Orioles get a victory!

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