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Your guide to Asian food in Westminster

I found that living in a suite this past year made life seem a lot like a sitcom sometimes. We always had friends over, and we ate some form of takeout or delivery at least a couple times a month. As a result, I had the chance to try three different Chinese and Asian restaurants. Here’s my take on them.

Forbidden City is the best Chinese restaurant in terms of food; it’s even been voted one of “Carroll’s Best” by the Carroll County Times for nine years in a row, according to the Forbidden City website. It’s located within walking distance of campus in the same shopping center as Westminster Station, a coffee place, and Rite Aid. While their food is good, they don’t deliver, so you have to be willing to walk or drive. As a result, it’s not always the most ideal option for eating in a dorm, but I have found that it’s fun to go to Forbidden City with a few friends, order takeout, and then enjoy it in Westminster Station along with some coffee and optional homework and studying.

If you’re looking for a cheaper place that does delivery, try China Inn. It’s the least expensive of the three Chinese places I’m highlighting in this post, and they deliver. You’ll probably have to order with some friends though, because because there’s a $20 minimum order for delivery. Of the three Chinese restaurants, China Inn is my least favorite in terms of food. I find their fried rice to be bland. However, their lo mein is pretty good, so I mixed it with the rice to even things out.

Asian Sakae is probably my favorite of the three nearby Chinese restaurants, and it was also voted the best Asian place by members of the McDaniel student body in “McDaniel’s Choice,” sponsored by the McDaniel Free Press. Their prices are comparable to Forbidden City, but they deliver with a $15 minimum order. Their menu isn’t limited to Chinese food either; they have Japanese food, including sushi, and Thai food as well. I have found Asian Sakae to have the greatest value of all of these three restaurants. They deliver and their food is pretty good.

If you’re looking for Asian food in Westminster, you have plenty of options. There are even more Asian restaurants than the ones I’ve listed here. However, the three restaurants I’ve highlighted are ones that you’ll probably want to try. Happy dining!

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