June 2013
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Keeping things straight

A lot goes on at college–classes, club meetings, events, social time, and more–all contending with homework and studying. It all may seem like a lot and at times, it can be. Luckily, I’ve found that there are ways to keep everything straight and stay organized.


In high school, I relied a lot on my planner to keep track of deadlines and important dates, but I’ve found that my planner is something I don’t use as much anymore. But that’s just me–you may find that a planner or day organizer to be really useful to you. If you haven’t used a planner in a while, give one a try.


Whiteboards are one of my favorite ways to keep track of things when I’m at college. I have one with seven slots for the seven days of the week, where I keep track of events and weekly happenings. It can get pretty crowded sometimes, but I’d be lost without it. (Sometimes, I need to supplement it with sticky notes.) I also have another whiteboard that I use as a to-do list for homework and other things I need to get done. Target and Five Below are great places to find whiteboards of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Don’t forget to pick up some dry-erase markers too!

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is something I introduced into my life this past semester, and it ended up being pretty useful. I used it to keep track of events and deadlines and I was able to synch it to my iPhone so I could look at it and add new events on the go. I definitely plan on continuing to use Google Calendar!

College is crazy busy, so you’ll need a way to know what needs to happen when. Choose a system that works best for you and stick with it! Your life will be a lot easier!

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