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Chicken Tender Thursdays

The other night, a chain of thoughts led me to Chicken Tender Thursdays, and all of a sudden, I found myself missing my McDaniel friends more than normal and missing Glar food way more than normal.

While food at Glar, McDaniel’s dining hall, has improved substantially during my two years on campus and I have a number of favorites, Chicken Tender Thursday has always shone during that time. It’s been a staple at McDaniel long before I came to the College. Chicken Tender Thursday is the one day of the week where people become genuinely excited to eat at Glar for lunch, and it always makes for a bustling, more-crowded-than-usual dining hall.

Meals in Glar are special because they allow for one or two times a day for friends to come together, break bread (metaphorically speaking), and unwind. So many people at McDaniel are “go, go, go,” so it’s nice to have a set time for everyone to sit down. Discussions range from absolutely silly to delightfully intellectual (even among the professors who eat in Glar), and there’s always plenty of people to dine with. However, when the food is as exciting as the chicken tenders on Thursdays, that time in Glar becomes even better.

So if you happen to be visiting McDaniel during the semester on a Thursday afternoon, you simply must go to Glar for lunch. The food is tasty in the form of chicken tenders (and a number of other options), and as always, the camaraderie you’ll see is wonderful.

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