January 2014
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Some of My Favorite Places on Campus

Everyone has their favorites. That can be favorite people, foods, songs, bands, fish, dogs, etc. Today, I decided to share my current favorite places on campus and some of the reasons they’re my favorite.

  1. The Pole Vault Pit. This one is simply because I’m a pole vaulter, and the days I can sprint down the runway at an inanimate object are always amazing whether or not my actual vaulting was good. It’s peaceful up there, as well, and the ROTC pull-up bars, which we use for high bar workouts when outside, are close by. I may as well put the throwing field, which is on the other side of the softball field, and the track here, as well, since those are also places I associate with track and field.
  2. The Hill Hall Computer Lab. This wasn’t a place I took a liking to until last semester, when I had a class there and joined the Free Press. After that, though, I became really comfortable there, and it’s a great place to work on papers and projects. It also has printers, so there’s no need to go to the library.
  3. Glar. Englar Dining Hall, affectionately known as Glar, is on the list simply because it has food. I’m sure everyone can appreciate the desire for access to food, and unlimited food in one sitting is great. The Pub is a good place to eat, as well, but I’m in Glar more often.
  4. My Dorm. There are a few reasons I like my dorm, no matter what dorm I’m in: it’s where I sleep, shower, watch movies, color, draw, write, read, do homework, and…basically where I do almost everything that can be done there. There are certain things that require me to go to the Hill Lab or the library, but for the most part, I do it in my dorm. Plus, my roommate this year is great. I’m currently in McDaniel Hall and was in Whiteford last year.
  5. The Gym. I almost put this with the other track places, but it’s not quite the same. We do use the weight room for workouts on the pull-up bars and the gym itself for practices indoors, but I also go there to lift and hang out and take Hapkido and all sorts of things, so I can’t categorize it as a “track thing.” It’s just the gym, and I love it.

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