February 2014
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Spring Classes!:)

Hi all! I hope everyone is having a great day!:) I know I am! Both my classes this morning were great so I thought I would elaborate more and fill you in on my spring schedule. Sadly, this was my last time signing up for classes because I’m graduating this May:( Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for the real world…but it will definitely be a sad day.

Anyway, when choosing my classes I wanted to venture off from my major a little so I decided to take a business class. I have always been interested in marketing and since I wanted to learn more I figured, why not! I ordered my Principles of Marketing textbook and was ready for my first business class. So far, I absolutely love the class. Our last assignment was to analyze and critique the super bowl ads, which are always entertaining!

Another class I am currently taking is History of East Asia. This class is to fulfill the McDaniel Plan, but so far it has been very interesting. In all honestly, I am not too familiar with the history of China, Japan, or Korea so I am 100% sure this class will teach me so much. My brother is a huge history buff, and I cannot wait to throw some facts at him! He’ll definitely be impressed…so thank you Professor Fang!

Also, I am taking a Psychology class which is really interesting. Psychology has always appealed to me so this introductory course will be great, except for the fact that it’s an 8 AM. But no worries, morning classes are not that bad. Seriously. If anything, I prefer them because I get all my classes out of the way!

I am also doing an internship with event planning, but I’ll talk about that for my next blog! Stay posted and thanks for reading!:)

Maria Brew

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