February 2014
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Sweet Victory

Yesterday (Tuesday), I had the pleasure of joining some other girls on my track team at the Sweetheart Multi-Meet at the Naval Academy, called such because the competitors are all women and the winner of each event as well as anyone in a relay receives roses. It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition, one I greatly respect.

It was my first time there and I was definitely in awe by the track. The turns can be raised to create a slope, which helps protect ankles, there are two high jump pits, and the toys they have (row after row of squat racks in the weight room, gymnastics rings, a place for pole vaulters to practice there swing-ups) are beautiful. I’ve never been to such a nice track, so simply being there made me feel ready for anything.

Since I pole vault, the pole vault pit was my favorite spot. The other vaulter on my team and I took as many warm-up jumps as we could. It was the first time I could jump more than seven times since December, so I was in a really good mood. My mood just got better when I was able to jump on my new pole. In consequence, I managed to make 7’10”, which is a college personal record (PR) for me.

I’ll be the first to admit that 7’10” isn’t something to brag about, but I feel as if I won the entire meet just for the progress I made and the opportunity to vault for so long. They even let us practice once the competition vaulting was done. I also got fifth place and points for the team, which was an amazing feeling, as well.

So, even though I didn’t officially have a victory, I did have a personal one, and to me, that’s just as important when it comes to pole vault, where mentality can make or break an entire season.

Plus, I qualified for conferences, which means more vaulting opportunity. Who am I to complain?

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